Introducing our premiere line of handcrafted wallcoverings created by a collective of Minneapolis’ most experienced artists

Classically trained in Old World techniques of plastering, gilding, painting and stenciling, and updated with cutting-edge digital printing technology. Jamie Reich, owner and Creative Director of 5th & Malcolm, realized a need in the marketplace for a perfectly imperfect, beautifully detailed wallcovering that would transform interior spaces. Our individually created panels feature a variety of textures, patterns, gilds, metallic and pearl accents that play with light to bring new life to any space.  

We are joining the family of businesses created through veteran Minneapolis company Apropos Studio, which has worked internationally for more than 30 years to solve interior design challenges for leading clients including The Limited, Victoria's Secret, Sephora, and Bath & Body Works. In 2012, Apropos started Area Environments, a creative studio that curates original work from contemporary artists to produce large-scale digitally printed murals and wallpapers. Today, with the launch of 5th & Malcolm, Jamie’s business expands into the high-end residential interior design market. All three companies operate out of a 17,000 square foot studio in Southeast Minneapolis near Surly Brewing Co.


“We have expanded our knowledge base at every stage of our company’s evolution. Now, we’re moving forward with this exciting hybrid that blends our technical know-how in digital printing with our expertise in classical ornamental arts. 5th & Malcolm is a fresh new seed from an old, established tree. These are art papers — we take great pride in sharing this inspired new product with the design community.”

-Jamie Reich, Owner & Creative Director-